Things to Do on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is an Australian island which is located roughly 140 kilometers away from the South Southeast of Melbourne Victoria. It is named after the first Governor of New South Wales ‘Arthur Phillip’ and it provides a natural breakwater for the shallow waters around Western Port. The island is 26 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide and it has an area of roughly 100km2 filled with great things to do and see. In particular it has a highly impressive coastline which is a long 97km.

Phillip Island is also one of the best locations in Australia to go for your holiday and it’s a fantastic place to stay if you love wildlife, scenery and relaxation. If you aren’t convinced then let the figures do the talking. As a relatively small island the population is low throughout the year at 7,000 roughly. However come summer this number increases to a whopping 40,000 – a 60% increase which is of course a result of the tourism.

So what is it that is drawing everyone to the island and what things are there to do here? Here we will have a look at some of what it has to offer.

Penguin Parade: Many people have never seen a penguin before except for on wildlife programmes, which is partly why the penguin parade is such a popular attraction. This parade takes place at Phillip Island Nature Park and features groups of little penguins (a species, not a description of size) come ashore in groups. This would be cute and entertaining enough, but it’s even more impressive because the species of little penguin can be seen in few other locations.

Phillip Island Nature Park: Of course the penguins aren’t the only attraction at the park and there’s much more to do and see here too. Many people are amazed for instance by the fact that they can walk among kangaroos and get right up close to them – again something that is a first for many.

Surfing: The island is well known for its highly consistently reliable surf conditions. If you are a fan of surging then there is plenty of surf here for you and it’s a highly scenic and warm place to come and try your hand at it as well.

Beaches: With 97km of coastline it’s no surprise that the beaches are a big attraction of Phillip Island. If you like your holidays to feature sun and sand then you’re in the right place, and at the same time you can admire some of the spectacular rock formations along the way.

Festivals: if you enjoy music then there are a few festivals here to enjoy from the Pyramid Rock Festival to the Pioneer Festival. There are many surfing festivals here too.

Towns: There are lots of towns in and around Phillip Island that all offer great shopping, night life and dinner. Just a few places to check out include Beachcomber, Cowes, Cape Woolami, Rhyll and Summerlands.

Motorsports: If you like motorsports then you’re in the right place – and this is a great place to come and see the Australian motorcycle Grand Prix.

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